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“Clever, intriguing, chilling—and utterly impossible to put down. Tina Seskis is proving herself to be a master of the twist.” —Grazia


“On occasion, haven’t we all wanted to ditch our responsibilities, change our name, and run off into a new life?…A smartly written thriller.” —Time Out

“Add this [author] to the growing Gone Girl subgenre, designed for readers who appreciate the journey and are willing to invest the time to reflect on its significance once the destination is reached.” —Library Journal


“Tina Seskis’ twisted psychological thriller keeps readers guessing.” —US Weekly


“Diverting.” —Publishers Weekly


“Genius.” —Stylist


“It’s hard not to feel a little giddy.” —New York Times

“Really amazing.” —Lindsay Lohan


“Well-written and confident. Tina Seskis has managed to weave together both a strong story and a web of characters, intricately related to each other, with convincing histories. The structure is ambitious, but she pulls it off…Excellent.” —The Literary Consultancy


“A chilling tale…the tragic fallout of a summer reunion will make you wish you could read that bit faster.” —Stylist


“There’s a poignant air of nostalgia about the sections set in the women’s younger day, and you’ll warm to the sharply-drawn characters. Astute and witty.” —Sunday Mirror


“Endlessly gripping…It’s a stomach-flipping humdinger of a thriller. We’ll be pushing it into the hands of all our friends this summer.” —Heat


“A compelling roller-coaster of a story.” —LoveReading

“This dark whodunit explores just how complex friendships can be.” —Woman


“A haunting psychological thriller…believable yet shocking with a great twist.” —The Sun


“Six friends, one reunion, one gigantic mess. One of the best books to read [right now].” —Red Online


“Everyone’s going to be talking about the twists and turns of The Honeymoon.” —Good Housekeeping

“One of the world’s leading experts at pulling the wool over readers’ eyes until the very end.” —Sophie Hannah, official author of the new Hercule Poirot novels

“I couldn’t put it down! An intricate, well-plotted story, engagingly told.” —Helen Castor, author of She-Wolves, a Sunday Times Book of the Year

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